Monthly Archives: March 2014

State of the Cait

ImageThe big news for February is that we’re probably not leaving Austin this summer. I am torn about this. I miss my family, and I miss living up north.But there are good practical reasons to stay in Texas for another couple of years, and so, we remain.

We had our first skating competition of the year, and came in first in the little old lady division. I was really happy with how I skated overall, and am excited that, with this competition out of the way, we are starting to learn the long program for our competition in May. I am also starting to work on a couple of solo dance programs, and one individual footwork program. Which will probably be the first time in over twenty years that I have competed solo!

Meanwhile, I started taking an aerial silks class. I have never had much upper body strength, and this stuff is hard! I have bruises in all sorts of interesting and strange places! But it’s also really cool, and I am very much enjoying just getting to do something so very different from my normal habits and routines.

I have been working on some new jewelry patterns, learning how to cut wood and acrylic pieces using a machine laser cutter. Hopefully I will start to have things up for sale in late spring, now that I have finally found a good studio space for me to do metalwork. Question: In the 21st century, does anyone still wear brooches? Or is it all necklaces these days?

In horrific news (the good kind of horror!) I will soon be writing a weekly post for The Midnight Society. I can’t wait, and was thrilled to be asked to join their team. I have also been thinking a lot about ghosts in picture books, and whether one can have truly realistic ghosts in those stories, the kind that aren’t just sheets with faces, but, you know, actual dead people. I think you can, I just haven’t quite figured out how. I haven’t read it, but The Bake Shop Ghost by Jacqueline Ogburn seems like it might be the kind of thing I am thinking about.

No writing classes at the moment, but hopefully that will change by this summer as well. So much to do, so little time!


Life With Chronic Pain: A True Story

Fuzzy pants. Two pair of socks. 6 spine and hip pillows, carefully arranged. Two fleece blankets, one knee support pillow. Heating pad. Top of feet pillow, with laptop for more weight and warmth, lap pillow to support journal. Pain meds, an arrangement of books and other entertainment while stationary. Finally get everything arranged, and then realize you forgot your compression and fingerless gloves (yes, two pair of gloves, to match the socks) on the other side of the room. Cry.