Monthly Archives: July 2014

Family Vacation

Bondi Boys 2014We’ve been sitting around this evening comparing our adorable photos of the little ones. A two-year-old, a 16 month, and a 7 month all running around and keeping their parents up all night. The youngest one’s mother has made them all matching baseball shirts with their names on the back.

Tomorrow is our last full day at the lodge. Assuming the weather holds, my wife and I are going to take a canoe out to the waterfall, and canoe down the river and across the lake. It has been nice and cool every day that we’ve been here– a lovely vacation from Texas. Yesterday during the mile swim, the water was definitely warmer than the air!

I drove into town today to get thread to work on the BFF’s cross-stitch, and I’ve been doing a bit of drawing. Unfortunately, it’s ended up being a bit of a working vacation for me, and I haven’t had time to sit and relax as much as I would like. Ah to be a wee munchkin again!

Brother-in-law is taking photos of everyone to make a photo book for the two-year-old. It will be a really beautiful project when it’s completed, and I’ve loved seeing all the portraits in progress. It’s nice to have everyone up all at the same time. I can’t think of the last time I’ve made it up here when everyone else was visiting.

It’s hard to believe the week has flown by so quickly already.