Cat Is Out of the Bag

I am the new assistant for Bree Ogden over at D4EO Literary Agency. I’ve spent the weekend responding to queries, and now feel like a PROFESSIONAL dream crusher. So thankful to have Maria Vicente available for handholding and extra guidance!

Because of all of this work from Bree, I have been thinking a lot about the intersection between horror and paranormal. The recent spike in sparkling vampires and cuddly werewolves has moved a lot of the traditional supernatural horror characters into a category that contains basically no horror elements at all. So I wonder– can vampires even BE scary anymore? Or are we left with only zombies as the last remaining supernatural horror not tainted by a desire to love and understand their dark and mysterious ways? I guess there’s still nuclear monsters– Godzilla and friends– and their decedents, GMO monsters made from a gene-splicing Frankenstein. Even still, I am left feeling that the list of things that go bump in the night is quickly dwindling.

Meanwhile… I applied to work with Bree because of her involvement with Underneath the Juniper Tree magazine. If y’all are not reading this thing, you are very seriously missing out. And for the writerly types, the next round of submissions is due September 13th. (That’s a Friday. Friday the 13th. Don’t forget.) I don’t have anything to do with assisting on magazine duties, but I strongly (STRONGLY) suggest that you submit (and read) the next issue. Because it will be awesome.

Other cool haunted halloween news for writers:

Everyone get their name in for Pen & Muse’s Dark Carnival Writer and Illustrator Showcase. Do it. Do it. It is going to be awesome. There are so many good names on this thing, and so many fabulous topics, I can’t wait. Soon, maybe, I will start posting hints about my knife throwing story. If y’all are good. If not…

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