State of the Cait

Changes are coming to the website. I hope to move things over to soon. If not, expect things around here to at least start looking a little different. Which, to be honest, it’s about time. I haven’t made any visual changes to my blog since… 2010?

I’m teaching two writing classes in October. There will be more details coming in the very near future. Spread the word, get excited. Fabulous things are on their way.

Read two amazing new short stories by Ashly Nagrant today. I am hoping to return the favor and send two new ones of mine to her soon. What I am really hoping for, though, is that these new ones by her get put in an anthology soon, so that I can inflict them on other people.

I am doing another Very Cool Thing that I do not yet have direct permission to talk about. Sorry to tease.

I took a class in metal smithing and cold connections for jewelry this summer from Kim St. Jean. Since then, I have been thinking up plans for a jellyfish necklace and an awesome steampunk mardi gras mask. Also, many ideas for bracelets. It might finally be time for me to open an etsy shop.

Just started Suzanne LaFleur‘s new book, Listening for Lucca. I think it’s her best one yet, and I’m only on page 25! I can’t wait to share it with my sister at Christmas, as she is an even bigger fan of LaFleur’s works than I am.

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