Tired of Typing

I need a new computer. Or rather, a new computer would improve my quality of life. The old one still works, and for that I am grateful. But it has gotten a bit slow, a bit fussy. Prone to overheating, not so good at running for extended periods without freezing and crashing, unable to handle the load of someone multi-tasking through multiple programs at once.

At the same time, my computer usage has changed. I have a smart phone, and a tablet. I tweet from my phone, I read on my tablet, and I do a fair bit of web browsing from both. Which means my laptop has gone from the fun place where I spend all my free time to where I go to work.

This in turn makes me prone to stall. To avoid “butt in chair”. The computer is no fun anymore, and that makes the writing itself a drag.

But not writing, of course, is even worse. So instead I have been working on things old school, pens and pencils, loseleaf and notebooks. It has been a disorganized mess, but it has felt good, freeing.

And so wonder if all of this is also just a metaphor. My computer freezing up, not handling the multi-tasking as well as it once used to. Am I switching back to paper, not because my computer is so old and slow, but because I am the one needing the break?

I bought a new notebook today. It is purple.

My computer is feeling mighty jealous.

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