Everyone’s talking about Amanda

Amanda Palmer’s TED talk hit the internet yesterday. I’m going to link it, even though I know you’ve already seen it.

The twittersphere is exploding, Amanda is retweeting everyone’s blog posts, and a whole lot of really good conversations are taking place about what “art” means, and “trust” means, as well as other important terms like “success” and “money” and “jobs” (and what it means to “get one!”)

Some people have responded to the video by promising to give away more of their art for free. Some have focused on the injunction to not be afraid to ask for help, and trust that it will be provided.

I know that as a result of this TED talk, I took the time to donate to a kickstarter I would usually have passed over, and gave a $3 tip on a “name your price” bandcamp download. I know that I am not the only one with a sudden “generosity of spirit” for my fellow artist.

It has been a beautiful weekend for giving, sharing and communication in the online art world this weekend, and it has been a lot of fun to be a part of it. Thank you to Amanda for inspiring us all, and thank you to everyone who has been inspired.

Can it last? For some, definitely. Amanda was already a success. Her audience sees her, and she sees them, and it doesn’t matter what the guy in the car thinks. But for the rest of us– will we stop to get out of our car more often, and give to those creating around us? And will the smaller names be able to trust that financial support will be there for them to, or will this “weekend of giving” dry up as fast as it began to downpour?

My metaphors are all out of order. Am I still worth supporting despite this?

What I am most in need of these days is encouragement, not cash. I have seen too much of the promotion game, the self-branding, the content marketing.

Whatever your take on it, Amanda’s video is about hope. I hope it lasts. I hope you see me. Here, have a flower. I see you too.


3 responses to “Everyone’s talking about Amanda

  1. —,—‘{@

    And here’s a flower for you too. 😉

  2. I see you cait! 🙂 Want to have a skype chat sometime soon? I ❤ encouraging you!

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