New Digs and The Importance of Possessions

Since December, I have been living out of a suitcase. Okay, technically it’s been two suitcases: one full size piece of luggage, and one carry-on sized duffel bag. That’s 4 months of the following items: a week and a half’s worth of clothing, various toiletries, a half dozen books, my favorite pillow, two stuffed animals, and my laptop. Plus my winter coat, which was very useful for Michigan in December, but which hasn’t been worn since crossing the Missouri border in early January.

This past week, everything else finally got unpacked.

On the one hand– it’s just stuff. Clearly, the fact that I spent over four months without it proves that nothing of the 50+ boxes we moved into the new condo was “necessary”. On the other hand– OMG I AM SO EXCITED, I’VE MISSED IT ALL SO MUCH.

I don’t know whether absence makes the heart grow fonder. I know there were multiple times during the past several months where I actively though “Oh, I wish I had that book/eyeshadow/shirt but it’s in the storage box.” But there were also a lot of possessions that I did not realize how much I missed until I found them again. My scissors that cut patterns rather than a straight line, for instance. My favorite pair of boots. My ninja band-aids. These aren’t things I need. The amount of improvement they bring to my life is negligible. The amount of joy I get in their ownership, however, has been surprising in its fierceness. I did not know I was so materially minded.

Of course, there are the duds, too. The shirt I took out of the box and said “wow. That’s really hideous. When did I ever wear that? Certainly not for several moves now. So why do I still own it?” The piles and piles of sweaters, scarves, gloves, mittens, hats necessary to survive a yankee winter that now I have no idea what to do with, as I will never need them here in Texas. Finding where to put these things, whether to give them away or (in the case of the ugly shirt) simply throw them out, has been its own challenge.

Hopefully soon I will have my studio put together, and will be able to share some organizational porn with y’all. At the moment, though, it’s still just a small table surround by piles of boxes. There’s room to work, which in itself is exciting. But the overall space is still not the function retreat that I envision. Soon. I’ll get there. Right now, I’m just celebrating the return of my stuff.


One response to “New Digs and The Importance of Possessions

  1. Hurray!!!! Congratulations on the Return of the Stuff

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